Competitions for pedagogues, teachers, students and schoolchildren.

Publication of methodical materials, Conferences,

Trainings, Seminars.

Dear colleagues!

Welcome to the Scientific – Methodical Center «ZIAT»!

Scientific – Methodical center «ZIAT» conducts  number of academic activities, offers remote competitions for preschoolers, schoolchildren, students, educators and teachers.

Trainings, conferences, competitions, professional advancement courses are offered for teachers from pre-school to higher educational institutions. This will certainly foster development of useful academic skills, learning new technologies, obtain professional knowledge, help to realize ones creative abilities, and improve educational competence. Major advantage of competing distinctively is the ability to withstand with colleagues from different regions of Kazakhstan and  around the world. Which surely is one of our main competitive advantages.

Nowadays, advancement trends in scientific – methodology are rapidly developing day by day, and fundamental objectives of offered activities should include: attraction of talented youth to participate in those researches; brainpower trainings; and  increase in the level of scientific information exchange. Significantly important step for every professional and scientist is the actual publication of research results, but not everyone has the access opportunity to visit the conference or take part in the actual training course. In this regard, participating in the teleconferences with the subsequent collection of vital compilation materials is a huge contribution and support from us.

As a result, participants of the competitions, conferences, seminars and trainings are  awarded with an applicable certificates, which will take its rightful place in the portfolio of the professional achievements.

 We invite you to participate in our academic activities!

Wishing you productive achievements and successful victories!

Sincerely, Director of LLP.  SMC  « ZIAT »

Zhumanova B.K.