Academic activities offered at the Scientific – Methodical center  «ZIAT»

Scientific – methodical center «ZIAT» was created by the initiatives of national pedagogues to support: teachers, educators; and create opportunities for schoolchildren, students, and other professionals; Major intention of the center was to  promote pedagogical endeavor.

For today, ZIAT has brought together over 20 000 national teachers and educators from every corner of Kazakhstan. We are cooperating with pedagogues from Russia, Belarus, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and China. Partnering with 6 international universities such as: “Xinjiang University” in China; “European University of Lefke” in Cyprus; “Global Career Institute” and “Kadir Has University” in Turkey; “Dostoevsky Omsk State University”, “Chelyabinsk State University” and  “Russian Academy of Natural Science” in Russia.

We organize professional and educational Exchange programs; Internship abroad experiences; Scientific and Methodical internships;  Language Learning courses; Summer / Winter Schools, oganize Scientifical research trainings for Masters / PhD students;  hold national contests, competitions and tournaments; and other related academic events and activities.

Objectives of “ZIAT”

  • To Coordinate and Support scientific projects of students and young scientists;
  • To Develop a system for students’ incentives that helps to carry out scientific projects and researches of students and young scientists;
  • To Organize participation of preschool and schoolchildren, college and university students, teachers and educators, young researchers and scientists in national and international competitions and programs;
  • To Organize professional and scientific trainings in the countries of near and far abroad;
  • To Organize and coordinate internationalprograms with the participation of foreign researchers and scientists;
  • To Work with visiting scholars and researchers from international universities and organizations.

Major focus of activities is aimed at the following areas:

Competitions for Teachers:

We invite you to participate in the professional remote competitions.

Remote competitions for teachers – are improvements that will be useful in practice, bring evidence for validation, increase competitive skills.

Сompetitions are regularly adopted to a  new developments: syllabuses for subjects and lesson, classroom hours, plans, essays, games, recommendations, workshops, extracurricular activities, teachers’ meetings, seminars, so on and so forth.

Competitions for Students and Schoolchildren:

The youth programs are aimed for increasing students’ interest for the subjects taught at school or university, activation of extracurricular tasks and activities, creating necessary conditions to support gifted children, develop creativity and interest for scientific researches, unleashing creativity and broaden one’s mind.

Remote competitions for schoolchildren – is a great opportunity to grasp the next stage of self-improvement and receive diplomas that will upgrade your professional achievements portfolio.

Teacher Training courses:

Training courses include increase of qualifications and professional development for teachers, promotion of teaching practices; professional activities for pedagogues, aiming to achieve successful results in order to upgrade practices to the modern model of education, help to advance teaching concepts and solutions with new ideas, thereby enhance the quality of education.

Pedagogical teleconferences:

Organize national and international scientifically – practical conferences held in absentia, formulate compilation of conferences afterwards,  publish scientific articles, researches and results.

Scientifically – practical teleconferences and meetings are regularly conducted and held at the republic format. Above mentioned conferences are held concerning the following matters:

  • On pedagogical aspects;
  • On pre-school educational matters;
  • On economics, psychology, and other disciplinary fields.

Scientifically – practical teleconferences in absentia – is a comprehensively broad opportunity planned for the comfort of participants.

Conferences are held remotely (in absentia) that is why all you need to do is send an e-mail to participate.



We offer publication services of materials for educational teaching, its methodological developments, disciplinary worksheets, methodological and training manuals, author’s programs, lecturing courses, compilation of tests, tutorials, and monographs.

Standards package:

  • Assignment of International Index ISBN;
  • Affixing Classification Indexes (BBK, UDC);
  • AffixingCopyright Sign ©;
  • Formation of Imprint and IssueData;
  • Cover Paperback;
  • Design, DTP (desktop publishing);
  • Delivery of registered letters to the mailing address.

International Internships:

Organization of  professional trainings for students, teachers, undgraduates, masters, and PhDs to travel abroad with our partnering universities. Scientific – Methodical center “ZIAT” partners with Xinjiang University in China; European University of Lefke in Cyprus; Global Career Institute, Kadir Has University in Turkey; Dostoevsky Omsk State University, Chelyabinsk State University, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in Russia.

Additional educational services:

  • Preparation of pre – scholars for school, and for other related educational programs;
  • After – school clubfor elementary scholars;
  • Tutoring school subjects and curriculums;
  • Chess, checkers;
  • Summer Camp “The Academy of Exciting Science”;
  • Clubs:

“The World of Fantasy and Creativity”

“Design Studio”

“On the threshold of adulthood”

“Beautiful Speech”

“Young Scientist”